I’m Greg, a lifestyle, portrait, and wedding photographer

I use my camera to record the beauty of life

I take a photojournalistic approach combining timeless style with over a decade of professional experience to capture your moments. I earned a photography and design degree in Tennessee and use that knowledge to apply professional lighting, equipment, and composition to your photos.


Fact 1

As an Air Force Veteran, I spent years traveling the world, making memories of people, experiences, and places. I appreciate the value of once in a lifetime moments.


Fact 2

A lifelong hobby led me to study photography in East Tennessee, where I earned a degree in photography and media science.


Fact 3

My love of nature and outdoor adventure led me to the Black Hills where I've spent many hours rock climbing and hiking and simply enjoying the beautiful scenery.


Fact 4

I can ski backwards, so if you're planning a ski resort wedding or want some sick senior pics give me a call!